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They are the very first SEO company I ever worked with. The owner, David, is truly knowledgeable and knows how to get first page results. I was very skeptical about SEO until I used Digital Poseidon. David answered every question I had and made everything easy to understand. He and his team will work with you to develop a game plan and execute to give you first page results, which in turn will get you extra customers which = more revenue.  I will definitely use his services again in the near future!



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Why Do You Need a Boston SEO Agency?

Many people today use search engines to look for information and services online. Every single day, there are over 3.5 billion searches on Google alone. According to research, 81% of online users believe that search engines are the most effective tool when searching for services online. When using search engines, 70% of users do not go beyond the first page of search results. Imagine what would happen if your business website was on page one among the top four in the Google search results? You would definitely experience exponential growth in your business.

With stiff competition among online businesses, the most effective and efficient way to ensure your website ranks higher in search engine results is by undertaking SEO.

What Exactly Is SEO?

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization entails the various techniques, tactics, and mechanisms undertaken to have a business website rank higher in related search engine results.

Having a higher rank in search engine results will give your business more exposure among potential clients and get you more convertible traffic resulting in increased sales, customer leads, and business growth. Some of the reasons you should undertake an SEO project for your business are discussed herein;

Brand Awareness and Visibility

Today, building a brand online is advantageous as many potential clients spend more time online searching for relevant information about products and services before making buying decisions. Just imagine how a user will perceive your company if it constantly ranks higher on all related searches? They will view it as being very credible, trustworthy and an authority in your industry.

Our Boston SEO agency will use legal and ethical SEO techniques to ensure your business website is ranked among the top results in related searches. Additionally, SEO will give your business a global or local reach depending on your industry and service area(s). In the past, doing business on a global scale was only limited to multi-million dollar corporations or businesses with vast amounts of capital. Today, this is now possible thanks to search engine optimization which has helped small and medium-sized businesses compete at the same level with these corporations.

Effective and Targeted Marketing

Search engine optimization is very effective as its results can be seen and measured. With a professional Boston SEO Expert, your online business will be able to target potential clients. Your SEO expert will first have a sit down with you in person or online to be able to get a better understanding of your business and know the kind of clients your business wants to attract.

Unlike traditional marketing methods like billboards, radio or newspapers whose effectiveness is difficult to measure, SEO is a targeted marketing campaign and your business will only appear in search results pages for people who were already looking for your products or services. If for example, you offer carpet cleaning services in Boston, you will only appear in search results for people who were searching for carpet cleaning services in that area.

SEO has a great return on investment in the long term when compared to other marketing methods. Once you undertake SEO, you will be able to get a continuous flow of visitors from search engines for a number of months or years depending on the competition.

Local Competitive Edge with Local SEO

For businesses that only serve a particular geographical location, whether city, state, country or region, then undertaking local SEO is the best way to get these clients. With a local SEO expert, your business will rank higher in search engine results from searches in a specific geographical area.

Availability of Experienced and Professional SEO Experts

A few years back, doing SEO was a reserve of few large companies as the industry had not grown. Today, undertaking SEO for your business should be a necessity as there is an availability of professional and experienced experts. You can easily contact a reputable Boston SEO agency who will provide you with services. Once contacted, some of the activities your SEO Company will employ to ensure your online business has a higher ranking include;

#1 Undertaking content optimization- this entails producing high-quality content that is relevant and helpful to your audience. Search engines value websites with good content.

#2 Doing keyword research- this is to enable you to find both short tail and long tail keywords to place on your content naturally.

#3 Optimizing website structure-undertaking link building is an important aspect of search engine optimization as it helps determine how credible your site is.

#4 Optimizing website landing page- this entails creating a landing page that will make it easy for potential clients to be converted to clients

As the number one SEO agency in Boston, we have helped hundreds of businesses achieve success online. Once you partner with us to optimize your online business, we will use the same SEO blueprint that we have used to create successful businesses. Our legal, ethical SEO strategies and techniques have made us not only the best SEO company but among the most sought after SEO company in Massachusetts.

Hiring Digital Poseidon SEO experts is the best thing you can do for your business. Give us a call today at (617)279-0593 and let us provide your business a free SEO video analysis of your website!

Reasons to choose Digital Poseidon

From the moment you contact us and fill out our discovery application all the way to the results, we get to work gathering intel on your competitors, company, and your website. Here is a list of our process:

  • Perform an SEO Audit of your website identifying  On-Page & Off-Page Ranking Factors

  • Research and analyze competitor websites and  rankings

  • Review your business and keyword position

  • Perform deep keyword research to identify and  target profitable traffic generating keywords

  • Develop strategy and begin implementation

  • Email monthly ranking reports and updates

  • Deliver results & customer satisfaction

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