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Our agency customizes and engineers a strategy for each business prior to implementing our search engine optimization techniques. Every business is different and unique. Our process requires hours of analysis of your business, website, links, and competition prior to implementation. We then get to work looking for the best search terms to dominate and blow away your competition on the major search engines. With ten years of experience under our belt, we are light years ahead of most SEO Agencies.

David Melo has over ten years experience in the SEO industry and has successfully helped hundreds of businesses reach page one on the major search engines. This has helped local businesses and national corporations reach new customers, become leaders in their industry online, and helped them maximize their revenues. In 2004 Mr. Melo began learning SEO by reading books and experimentation. Throughout the years he has successfully mastered the art of SEO learning from Nationally Recognized SEO Expert’s.

Additionally, he has personally trained each and every one of his employees to meet his high standards and expectations. Digital Poseidon’s SEO professionals attend seminars and conventions throughout the world to keep abreast of current SEO news, trends and new tactics. Digital Poseidon also belongs to a network of thousands of SEO professionals who meet together weekly to go over new strategies, developments in the industry, and assist each other with troubleshooting issues that may arise. Don’t risk getting your website penalized and de-indexed by the top search engines by giving the keys to your kingdom to a company who lacks the knowledge and experience. Call us today at (800) 736-1849 if you have questions or would like to get started!